See you for a book – The Albanian National Campaign of reading

Takohemi per nje liber OK FUND (220x400)Knowing the value of books and reading, the Ministry of Culture of Albania is going to organize a reading campaign, including various activities by having various literary characters.This campaign will be extended on October throughout Albania cooperation with Ministry of Education and Sport, Tirana Municipality, other cultural institutions,  the embassies, University of Tirana, Department of Literary.







The International Book Fair, Durrës 2016

vlcsnap-2016-08-03-12h14m32s12-640x340The International Book Fair is opened in the town of Durrës.This fair has welcomed  80 publishing houses from 7 different countries, aiming the promotion of Albanian publications.Durrës will be the international literary attention, where we can have the opportunity to be introduced with all publications in Albanian language.The International Albanian Book Fair will be held from 2 august to 7 august, along “Taulantia” boulevard. Read more >>


day whith Kasëm Trebeshina

12472515_1192569980773925_4061608015039870805_nAlbanian Literary Studies Center “Peter Budi” organizes on 8thAugust  “Një ditë me Trebeshinën”(A day whith Trebeshinën). The  activity is on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth initiated  by a group of publishers, readers and researchers.

The first session of activities is “Vendi që zë vepra letrare e Trebeshinës në letërsinë bashkëkohore “(Trebeshina on the Contemporary literature), at  Academy of Sciences of Albania, with the participation of researchers from Prishtina, Tetovo, Tirana, Gjirokastra, Durres etc   Read more >>



New titles in digital form by the National Library of Albania

FotorCreatedNational Library of Albania  has published some of the next important historic titles of the Albanian press magazines. Now at Digital Library is edited even : “Minerva”, “Përpjekja shqiptare, “Agimi, “Rilindja”, and “Kalendari i vietës”.   Read more >>



Tirana in Between – ILIJA DJUROVIĆ

IMG_20160728_160634The writer ILIJA DJUROVIĆ from Montenegro  is the writer in residence in Tirana during the months of July-August 2016, to take part in the cultural life of the Albanian capital.

In 2014 Ilija Djurović  published his first book of short stories, titled . “They Do It So Beautifully in the Great Love Novels” (Oni të tako Divno Rade u velikim ljubavnim romanima).This book was well received by readers and by literature critics.  Read more >>



Winners of the Literary Translation Fund (from Albanian into Foreign Languages) Announced

portaliIn line with the cultural policies that aim to advocate and promote Albanian literature abroad as well as to provide support to foreign translators and publishing companies planning to translate Albanian literature, the Albanian Ministry of Culture is announcing the list of winners of The Literary Translation Fund (from Albanian into Foreign Languages) for 2016. Read more >>


25th Jun of this year marks the 80th anniversary of Rexhep Qosja

13529106_1755253788091952_7482786393431192727_nThe National Library of Albania opened on 25th June, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of academic Qosja, an exhibition of his works and studies, as a special attention of  his scientific and cultural contribution.Rexhep Qosja was born 1936 in Vusanje, Zeta Banovina, Yugoslavia is a prominent Albanian politician and literary critic. Qosja has been a pro-Albanian rights advocator for many years. He has written many books outlining the history and the struggle of the Albanian people in the Balkans for many years


The Book Fair of Pristina 2016- 18th edition


18th edition of the Book Fair 2016 in Pristina attended part about 100 publishing houses from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia wich was presented with 1,200 new titles and 4,500 titles of recent years. The fair was open on June 7 and it welcomed the Deputy Minister of Culture of Albania, Zef Çuni, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa.The fair was visited by 38,000 visitors, students, citizens and eminent personalities from academic, literary, political and intellectual who became the part of the activities, promotions of the books.




Call for Application. Youth Literary Festival “Tirana 2016” – Second Edition

FL TOENAYouth Literary Festival “Tirana 2016” – Second Edition, TOENA Publishing House, has announced the first phase of the competition.With topic “walls falling, walls rising”, youths Albanian aged 18-35, will present their works previously unpublished, in categories : Read more >>



Tirana in Between – Bogomil Gjuzel

poetekaThe writer BOGOMIL GJYZEL from Macedonia . is the writer in residence in Tirana during the month of Jun2016, to take part in the cultural life of the Albanian capital.








“Reading the city” by Albas Publishing House

albasAlbas Publishing House  has successfully completed the project “Reading the city”, which aimed to recognize the pupils about centers, facilities, cultural monuments of the capital city and inform them through the book. Students were invited to visit a cultural object in Tirana. Once acquainted closely with the selected object, the students wants to know more about that. So students headed to the neighborhood libraries or town to request more information.


The books of Naim Frashri in digital format

big_naimfrasheriThe National Library of Albania will publish on May 25th editing digital of Naim Frasheris books, on the occasion of 170 anniversary of the birth of the most important figures of the Albanian National Awakening.




TIRANA IN BETWEEN – Dejan Čančarević

13254354_1633882213602691_2956227534147672648_nThe Residential Program “POETEKA – TIRANA IN BETWEEN”, which has been inviting writers and translators from the region and Europe for four years, in association with “REJA”, is going to organize a poetic performance “RE-typing” with Dejan Čančarević on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016, at 20:30Read more >>


Albanian Books at Turin International Book Fair, 2016

turinFor the first time, Albania, officially participates in the Turin International Book Fair,2016. The Ministry of Culture of Albania, with the support of the Region of Puglia, the Center of Albanian culture in Italy, the Gramshi Foundation in Puglia and Publishing House “Besa”, takes part officially, with stand and a rich program of meetings.



The book presentation of the poet Agim Vinca

13087744_1773101606235674_4171177907787421114_nThe next event during “The Common Cultural Calendar ” of  Kosovo-Albania, was the book presentation of the poet Agim Vinca “I cloche à ton cou”, published by “Edition du Petit vehicule” Nantes, France. The book is bilingual edition into English and French and contains 40 poems, translated by Alexander Zoto. The book is accompanied with 13 painted illustrations from Anastas Kostandini Taso


Tirana in BetweenErvina Halili


In April 2016 the organizers of the writers in residence program Tirana in Between welcomed the poet Ervina Halili.

Ervina Halili (Pristina), is a poet, essayist and cultural trends researcher. She studied  Comparative Literature at the University of Vilnius to complete her research, on Automatisms Surrealism in literature by Martin Camaj, of the University of Pristina.Since 2012 she has been looking to connect literature to other media and arts.


Call for proposals: Support for literary translation from Albanian to Foreign languages

16-04-22-02-41-20big_nnnFollowing initiatives to support and promote Albanian literature abroad, the Ministry of Culture opens for the first time the call for proposals for Literary Translation from Albanian to foreign languages.This initiative aims to support the translation of the most important works of contemporary literature that already have a publishing contract with foreign publishing houses.



In memory of Ardian Klosi

13100735_10201804026619272_4388698151408816958_nAn evening dedicated to the book presentation ” Për Ardian Klosin, gjermanin nga Shqipëria” by Oliver Jens Schmitt. The book includes 16 articles from his friends, men of letters, journalists and poets, Albanologists with whom he collaborated have dedicate him – are in fact part of studies that these associates do in his memory. The book was prepared for publication by the Swiss historian, his friend, Oliver Jens Schmitt.





Read to them, to make them read

13012810_10201804027739300_8557694948232452916_nPublishing House “Pegi”, supported by the Ministry of Culture of Albania, is the initiator of the project titled “Read to them, to make them read”. This project includes 12 meetings between the characters of literary art, culture and spectacle and high school students in Albania. The project aims at increasing the awareness and commitment of young people to reading as an enjoyable activity that can inspire the desire to read at leisure. At these meetings, each of popular persons  will read and will speak to the young people for their preferar books.




The Tragedy of “Othello, the Moor of Venice” in digital format

Otello23 April of this year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of  exceptional writers, William Shakespeare and 100th anniversary of  translated the tragedy of “Othello, the Moor of Venice” by Fan S. Noli.As a special wish on the International Day of the Book, the National Library of Albania edited for readers “Otello” by creating the possibility of its online browsing.Readers will also be able to watch specific orthography, graphics that characterize the era publications, authors  notes and any other elements that are not found in most reprinted books.






Albania will participate in the prestigious Strega Prize Jury 2016

13007378_1728824874068177_5205793389662700726_n (1)For the World Book Day, the Italian Institute of Culture, in cooperation with the National Library of Albania presents the group of Albanian readers that will be part of the jury of the Strega Prize in 2016.
In the meeting was present the Albanian Minister of Culture, Ms. Mirela Kumbaro.
Strega Prize, the most prestigious Italian literary prize, was founded in 1947 in Rome by Maria and Goffredo Bellonci, with the contribution of Guido Alberti, owner of the factory Liquor Strega Alberti Benevento, manufacturer of liqueurs with the same name. The Prize is awarded annually to a novel, written in Italian and published in the first edition, dated between  1st April  last year and 31 March of this year.  Read more >>


“Leipzig reads”

lajpzik (471x470)“Leipzig reads”– Albanian writers will discuss about ‘Homeland, escape, expulsion, migration’.

March is the reading month in Leipzig. From 17 March until 20 March will take place the Leipzig Book Fair. This is the greatest cultural event of this city. Writers, readers and publishing houses join together   to share experiences, information and what is new.

Even this year the Albanian authors, supported by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the TRADUKI network, will participate in the International Book Fair in Leipzig. Albanian literature will be represented at this important event by writers: Luljeta Lleshanaku, Virion  Graçi and Ardian Christian -Kyçyku.


The exhibition: “A journey in Kadare’s town

e-ftesa (2)During the celebrations of the Cultural Year dedicated to Ismail Kadare, the National Library of Albania will open tomorrow, on 12/2/2016 ,the exhibition “A journey in Kadare’s town”.This exhibition use image and  text combinations, making more understandable to the reader one of the most interesting characteristic of Kadare’s writing: Writing the City , starting from Gjirokastra, the city of  Chronicle in Stone, 

Read more>>



‘Kadare House’

kadare 1 (640x427)

The writer  Ismail  Kadare  turned 80 years of age this year, on 28 January. On his anniversary, his restored birth home reopens as a cultural residence. This building will be used to promote art, culture and artists aiming to return into a museum and cultural center. So, the author childhood home returns to a house museum named ‘Kadare House’.

‘Kadare House’ will have a direct impact on the cultural life of the city and will serve as a residence for internationally known writers and translators.

Reade more>>


Kadare is honored with the Commander to the Legion of Honor

Commandeur_de_l'Ordre_de_la_Légion_d'Honneur_aversRenowned Albanian writer, Ismail Kadare, was honored by French President Francois Hollande with the order Commander to the Legion of Honor (Commandeur de l’ Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur).

The National Order of the Legion of Honour  is a French order instituted by Napoléon Bonaparte in 1802 and since the establishment is the highest decoration in France.

Before, Kadare has held the rank of Knight to the Legion of Honor (Chevalier de l’ Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur) and Officer to the Legion of Honor (Officier de l’ Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur).



Poeteka in Eurozine


The Albanian literary magazine Poeteka from some months is part of the European network magazines Eurozine .  Eurozine is a network of European cultural magazines in which participate more than 80 magazines and institutions from different European countries.  The rubric Eurozine Review, every two weeks, selects and publishes current issues that have already been published by the journals that are part of Eurozine network.


Ani Gjika wins NEA Literary Translation Fellowship

NEAAni Gjika, the Albanian-American poet and literary translator has received the translation fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. NEA supports the translation of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry from different languages into English. NEA has supported the translation from the Albanian language of  the ‘Negative Space” a collection of poems by Luljeta Lleshanaku.




Fatos Lubonja receives Prince Claus Award 

prince claus

The writer, editor and public intellectual, Fatos Lubonja  was one of the ten recipients of Prince Claus Award 2015. The awards ceremony it was held On 2 December 2015 in the Royal Palace Amsterdam.


National Literature Awards Winners

12 December 2015


On Saturday  evening at the Ministry of Culture it was held the ceremony of  National Literature Awards. The prize of The Best Literary Book  of 2014 was awarded to the author Virion Graci for the novel ‘Stina e hijeve’. While the prize of The Best Translated Book of  2014 it was awarded to Romeo Çollaku for the translation from French into Albanian of  Paul Claudel with the collection of poetry  ‘Poezi’.


National Literature Awards Nominees

10 December 2015


The jury of National Literary Awards for 2014 has published the names of the candidates that have been nominated for the prices The Best Literary Book of the Year and The Best Translated Literary Book of the Year

The jury composed of Mrs. Dhurata Shehri  as the  chairperson of the jury and members Parid Teferiçi, Arta Marku, Edmond Cali  dhe  Jeton Neziraj, it has been available about four  months to review and select the candidates between 1300 titles, as by fiction and from fiction translated, published in 2014.

The awards ceremony will be held on 12 December at 18:00 at the Ministry of Culture.