Albanianbooks.al is the first website promoting Albanian publishing, language and culture worldwide. This website, available in English, caters to Albanian and foreign publishers, literary agents, translators, as well as Albanians living abroad.

To promote Albanian publications and to make translating both new books and classics easier, we offer reading reports, editorial stories and interviews of protagonists of the publishing market. We advise on translation grants. We offer databases of publishers, authors and translators.

Albanianbooks.al is a project of the Department of Books and Translation supported by the Ministry of Culture of Albania.


Editorial Staff:

Department of Books and Translation
Director: Mimoza Hysa

 Admira Poci, Ervisa Paloka, Migena Riza, Ira Kruja, Elsa Myftaraj.

Manjola Nasi, Blerina Berberi


Flogert Shehi