Ervin Hatibi

ervin-hatibi Ervin Hatibi is a poet, painter, essayist and a well-known personality of Albanian culture. He was born in Tirana in 1974, where he studied language and literature. Afterwards, he went to Jordan to study Arabic language and Islamic theology. His verse collections have been translated into Italian, Macedonian, English and Spanish and have been part of some anthologies of European literature. Through his paintings, Hatibi has participated in several exhibitions in Albania and abroad.Some of his collections of poetry include: Përditë shoh Qiellin (Everyday I See the Sky), Pasqyra e Lëndës (Table of Contents), Republic of Albania, etc.




pasqyra-e-lendesTitle: Pasqyra e Lëndës  (Table of Contents)

Place of publication: Tirana

Year of Publication: 2004

Publisher: Ora

Genre: poetry

ISBN : 99927-940-7-0

© all rights reserved to the author :






“In this book, there is a synthesis and an eclecticism of avant-garde and postmodern elements. As a result of the interaction between these two elements, a new product arises – the neosentimental. Ervin Hatibi is the poet whose works could be distinguished by each reader between a dozen of texts without the name of the author.” (Agron Tufa)


Once Again on the Price of Bananas

Bananas from Rome once grew menacingly
Behind the Berlin Wall,
The year nineteen eighty something,
Jungles of concrete and steel and panic,
Men were wolves or monks for one another, surrounded
By bananas
On an island encircled
By sparkling red water,
Ich bin ein Berliner,
But in fact, I’m an American Czech who…
Post-Marxism still evolutionist reproduced
Black bananas made of rubber
For post-
Stalinists, the grandsons of dervishes, to beat
Our people with (end of quotation),
Bananaland stuffed with fried sweet potatoes,
The potato is still food, underground sustenance
Sown on the museum fields of Mauthausen, Treblinka.
With potatoes we make chips, with the other hand
In the dark we caress
The tepid belly of the television set, full of Coca Cola,
Chips, not potatoes, are related to bananas,
Chips and bananas and the Coca Cola, too,
All related by marriage
And dowry to Madonna
And first gave birth to dead
Bananas from Rome
Now manufactured together
In the same clump
With black rubber cudgels.


The extract is translated  from the Albanian by Robert Elsie