Ismete Selmanaj Leba

FB_IMG_1469986645836 (480x480)Ismete Selmanaj Leba was born in 1966. She ends the high school “Naim Frasheri” in her hometown Durres with excellent results and then, in 1991 she graduated from the Tirana University, Civil Engineering Faculty. The passion for literature has constantly accompanied by poetry and stories that have won multiple awards in literary time contest in Albania. Since 1992 she lived in Italy. In 2013 she publishes in Albanian language the novel “Thistle and rose” from Dudaj publishing house. A year later in november 2014  she published by the same publishing house book “The heads of two purple storks ” .

In Italy has published two books “Verginità Rapita” ( Raped verginy) in 2015 and ” I bambini non hanno mai colpe” (Is never fault’s children ) in april 2016 by publishing house Bonfirraro editor that distributes its books in all  Mondadori, Feltrinelli libraries etc.

The two books in italian are introduced as book study at the Palermo University.

While the book “Verginità Rapite” (Raped verginy) in October 2015 was selected by Ministry of Public Education with dozens of books as reading in high schools in Italy. To many medias writed about her as “Il piacere di scrivere”, “Giornale Armonia”, “MY Were”, “Enna Press”, “SicilyMag”, “Centonovele”, the newspaper  “The Sun” in New York, to many journalist articles in many albanian newspapers dozens,  and above all one  the most popular newspapers in Italy “Corriere Della Sera”  who calls her a brillant writer.


received_1786668288245604 (480x352)Title: Thistle and roses
 Place of Publication: Tirana                                                       Year of publication: 2013                                                               Publisher: Dudaj                                                                                          Genre: Novel
 ISBN: 978-99943-0-332-8
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