Patitullni ( Titlelessness )

patitullniTitle: Patitullni ( Titlelessness )

Author: Elona Çuliq

Place of publication: Vienna, Austria

Year of Publication: 2015

Publisher: Bilingual Verlag

Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 978-3-9503302-3-6

© all rights reserved to the author :




Reviews: “One cannot enter easily in Elona’s verse, without first possessing the keys that enable them to open her poetic edifice. She leads towards the ending of her poems in a quiet tone, without screaming, she steps down in a soft decrescendo which invites the reader to be a part of it. Çuliq bestows upon the reader the atmosphere of her dream with greatkindness, but she keeps the dream itself a secret, making the reader weave his own in that beautiful background of beautifully – coloured words.” (Quote from Patitullni)

“The talented poet is at the peak of her maturity, but the sorrow that has gripped her makes her seem of a much older age. She is prudent to form, but we think that  she should be abstracting slightly more in depth on the truths of the subject, that little have changed for humanity in time. Elona has a delicate world that she brings with a lot of class through the curtains of poetic blues ..“(Quote from Milosao 175, 2015 Literary Newspaper)




Unnamed I

I can
forget the name
of everything
while looking at his eyes
then, when,
or maybe
at the last time when
our bodies,
simple bridges
of breath
head towards
the eyes of each other
without knowing, realizing
or simply by wanting
or maybe with the only purpose

to further

intoxicate the intoxication,

and further,
until it reaches there, where
the souls of us
get found,
and reincarnate
only to
experience again
another different
a totally different,
but at the same time
same death
oh. just like
the death of his,
the only,
the eternal
that was and will be,
even then when his absence
his more perfect than his presence.
I can forget
even my name
while looking at his eyes
then, when
or maybe forever, when…

Have you felt it?

Have you felt
how trees crack under thunder?
Just like your word in my lips
or your warm breath,
as it clashes against the whiteness of my shoulder,

What about the nights, have you felt
how they smash under the sweaty fists
and kiss traces of shadows,
to quench their yearning for a tiny piece of you

Do you remember how you used to cling on to me,
just like a pendulum in his eternity,
and one by one you read to me
prayers, that to the church of our longing
I sang every holy Friday

We’re in the  nook  of time!
Each day we leave testament under the trees
and every night hungry for light
we melt under skies longing.

Have you felt
how trees crack under thunder?
Just like me, when gazed by you!


The extract is translated from the Albanian by Kushtrim Thaqi