vrimaTitle: “VRIMA” (THE HOLE)

Author: Rita Petro

Place of Publication: Tirana

Year of Publication: 2014

Publisher: Albas

ISBN : 978-9928-02-461-9

Genre: Poetry

© all rights reserved to the author : ritapetro@hotmail.com




Description: Her book “Vrima” (The Whole) was published under the title “L’Origine” by L’HARMATTAN, France 2015.

This book describes the female allegorical journey that begins with the Exodus from the flesh walls to travel constantly surrendering body and soul throughout the Forbidden Zone where freedom is hiding, and reach the abyss of eternity where the seeds of rebirth are to be found.

The journey through this energetic power, which is also known as sexual history, continues in the second part of the book where a real incest relation rises to the height of a philosophical and theological thought on the creation of the human world. Here, the fruits of love reveal the human being down to its secret instincts and passions, which sometimes takes the disfigured shape of sister-brother relationship, of what is forbidden and punishable according to moral and social codes. However, at close reading level (which poetry always requires), the poetic message can be adequately deciphered only through the help of theology and philosophy.

Through great controversial art, the poetess breaks the taboos related to morals, legends, and philosophical conceptions of existence, thus extremely provoking the reader’s intellect and feelings. Even in the most romantic situations, she shakes the feelings instead of caressing them.

This book aims to reveal poetically darkest recesses of the universal consciousness and human soul. Eros is placed in the center of the harmony of celestial and human bodies: Its presence is felt in every line of the book as motherhood and female sensuality.



Come here

My brother

My lover

Extend your hand

Do you feel the hot breath flowing out of this hole?

It will burn your fingers… even without putting them inside it

Do you smell the flavor of that whit liquid matter trying to pour out?

And when it cakes

You can see

Its green orange threads

It smells like sulphur

My brother

My lover

This will be the end of the world

The earth’s orgasm exploding outside

The whole world will get burnt by a volcano

Staying silent under the earth

Hidden under the ashes of past volcanoes

I feel it under my feet

It is thronging

I have tried it

(I once lived in the exploding lo of Jupiter)

The earth trembled, and lava devoured everything

Trees, stones, temples, swords, and sheets

Men and women, old and young, children… flocks of animals

Thousands of embryos that were waiting to come into life

I ran to extinguish the fire in the ocean

But even there the water was floating…

I remember that to this day

My cells melted into orgasms of lava

My bones remained there – they turned into black stones

My flesh… turned into ashes

With the wind spreading them all over cosmos

Bringing me back here

Reborn from a new volcano

Come here

My brother

My lover

Burn your fingers in this hole

If you really want to know

That the EARTH is preparing for a new explosion…


My brother

My lover

We are fighting

A life or death battle

A battle of winners

A battle of no losers

I hurt my back

When you lie me on the ground

And fight against me

You cover your knees with blood

For you want to penetrate deep

Very deep

Inside me

It is quite a different world

So generous for your dick

Blaming itself

For being too hard

No… My brother

There is no reason for retreat…

In my depths I feel

Your sword moving in and out

When you fall a hero

In the battlefield

You lie over me

Broad and long

Hardly breathing

My warrior

My hero

My honey

Oh golden sword of my brother

I am dying under you

Like Gjergj Elez Alia[1]

And his sister did in their time

Whereas from under my back

An oak tree and a lime tree

Sprout with their roots growing deep beneath them.


The extract is translated from the Albanian from Ukë Buçpapaj

[1] Gjergj Elez Alia is hero of the Albanian Epic Songs. He died after wining the duel to protect his lands and his sister’s honor. Even his sisters died from grief when they were embracing each other. Later, a lime tree grew at the place of their death.