Call for proposals . Support for literary translation from Albanian to Foreign languages

Following initiatives to support and promote Albanian literature abroad, the Ministry of Culture opens for the first time the call for proposals for Literary Translation from Albanian to foreign languages.

This initiative aims to support the translation of the most important works of contemporary literature that already have a publishing contract with foreign publishing houses.

The application is open from 23 April 2016 to 23 May 2016, at 14.00.


The financial support will be of a maximum of 300.000 lek, regardless of the number of pages of the book selected.


-The application must be presented by a foreign publisher, equipped with a license to publish, through its legal representative;

– The publisher should provide the copyright rights before applying or at least should be in process of ensuring the author’s rights,   a process that should be completed by the submission deadline specified in the translation contract;

– The publisher should also submit the contract with the translator;

– After the approval of the financial support, the Ministry of Culture will sign a bilateral contract with the publisher;

– The financial support (complete or partial) of the translation of the literary work will be provided by the Ministry of Culture and will   support the publisher. Click here for more information