Albanian literature, in a close and characteristic relationship with the history of its people, lived a quality transformation with political changes that took place in a dictatorial Eastern Europe after the year 1990. The consecration of the freedom of speech and thought during the 90’s, brought to Albanian literature the energy and longing artistic and esthetic freedom to modernize and move toward contemporary art world challenges. By living exactly this challenge, Albanian literature, while it abandoned without pain the canonical rules of the so called creative method of realism – socialism, began its new path between experiments and a chaotic imitation of movements and directions, which today we also read as a testimony of the evocation in search of art. As a result, it took a decade for the new authors in Albanian literature to crystallize and also, a reconfirmation for the previous writers who did find themselves relevant in such a free and creative environment.
There have been several attempts for an anthology of Albanian literature after the 90’s, but never a complete catalog in English, which is more a guide or a collection of Albanian works and authors, in order to facilitate information to international publishing houses interested in the publication of Albanian literary works. Due to the lack of publishing agencies to provide such a product, the Ministry of Culture decided to make this catalog and continue with yearly publications, including information about the best suggested titles for foreign translation and publication.
Several criteria were applied for this catalog: first, the mentioned authors have a rich creativity after the 90’s and their works have been appreciated by the critics, have received awards or have a wide national audience, such as Luljeta Lleshanaku, Agron Tufa, Ardian Kyçyku, Arian Leka, Ridvan Dibra, Arben Dedja, etc. Some of the authors were established also before the 90’s and are still active in the literary realm, like Zija Çela, Besnik Mustafaj, Preç Zogaj, etc.
Among these fruitful authors appreciated during the last 25 years, there are also missing some famous writers in Albanian literature, such as Ismail Kadare, Dritëro Agolli, Fatos Kongoli, Xhevair Spahiu, Moikom Zeqo, Ben Blushi and others, whose works are already translated and published in several languages. In the following editions, we will include among other valuable authors, Rudolf Marku, Primo Shllaku, Lindita Arapi, Petrit Palushi, etc.
The series of works presented in this catalog testifies a prosperous Albanian literature and well established authors in their field of creativity.