A day whith Kasëm Trebeshina

Albanian Literary Studies Center “Pjeter Budi” organizes on 8th August  “Një ditë me Trebeshinën” (A day whith Trebeshinën). The  activity is on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth, initiated  by a group of publishers, readers and researchers.

The first session of activities is “Vendi që zë vepra letrare e Trebeshinës në letërsinë bashkëkohore “(Trebeshina on the Contemporary literature), at  Academy of Sciences of Albania, with the participation of researchers from Prishtina, Tetovo, Tirana, Gjirokastra, Durres etc

Kasëm was born in Berat, Albania on 5 August 1926. He finished elementary education in his birthplace and continued high-school in Elbasan. In 1942 he joined the military in the National-Liberation war during which he was injured and had to stop his education temporarily. Kasëm was one of the voices of dissent during the post-World War II era in Communist Albania, voice which got him arrested three times and even falsely proclaimed by the oppressive regime as a madman. Kasëm spent 17 years in prison.
All the oppressions Kasëm faced during his lifetime would fuel, influence, and affect his literary work. After the infamous 1997 riot in Albania Kasëm fled from Albania and migrated to Istanbul, Turkey where he lives today.
His novel “Odin Mondvalsen” was translated into German by Hans-Joachim Lanksch, published in Klagenfurt Austria in 1994.