“Reading the city” by Albas Publishing House

Albas Publishing House  has successfully completed the project “Reading the city”, which aimed to recognize the pupils about centers, facilities, cultural monuments of the capital city and inform them through the book. Students were invited to visit a cultural object in Tirana. Once acquainted closely with the selected object, the students wants to know more about that. So students headed to the neighborhood libraries or town to request more information.

The first visit was at Mosaic of Tirana,  where the students of the the school” Vatra e Dijes “, visited   also the library to know more in the past of the museum and to understand  the discovered process.

The students were interested to register at their local library .Also they realized that to investigate a particular monument which is necessary to approach the family library, school library, the neighborhood library or the National Library.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Albania