“Leipzig reads”

lajpzik (471x470)“Leipzig reads”– Albanian writers will discuss about ‘Homeland, escape, expulsion, migration’

March is the reading month in Leipzig. From 17 March until 20 March will take place the Leipzig Book Fair. This is the greatest cultural event of this city. Writers, readers and publishing houses join together   to share experiences, information and what is new.

Even this year the Albanian authors, supported by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the TRADUKI network, will participate in the International Book Fair in Leipzig. Albanian literature will be represented at this important event by writers: Luljeta Lleshanaku, Virion  Graçi and Ardian Christian -Kyçyku.

 Homeland, escape, expulsion, migration are the main topics around which TRADUKI network  has raised panels of discussion with writers of Central and Southeastern Europe. The history of the last thirty years for this region has been a history of separation from totalitarian regimes, history of attempts to pursue the arduous path of integration into the European Union, painful stories of separation from family and homeland, history of a massive escape. All these changes are reflected even  in literature of these countries

Luljeta Lleshanaku starts the meetings of Leipzig on Thursday on 17 March, in a conversation for Childhood as a home isolation, as homeland, as a land in which we have taken root. The childhood of Lleshanaku during dictatorship versus the childhood as a utopia of Sabine Bockmühls from Liechtenstein

 Romania, a place that brings together three writers from different nationalities and with different languages Ardian Christian-Kyçyku, Dana Grigorcean dhe Filip Florian, they are invited to share their personal experiences, in Friday’s discussion on 18 March.

“Should I stay or should I go?” – the permanent dilemma of the Balkanians. In another panel, always on Friday on 18 March,Ivan Landzhev, Luljeta Lleshanaku, Petar Matović will discuss about this hard questions and about the dream and hope, pain and failure, too.

On Saturday, 19 March during the ‘Balkan Evening’ that it has already become a tradition, through readings, performances and music the writers Virion Graçi, Liliana Corobca, Dana Grigorcea, Jonathan Huston, Ulrich Ladurner, Andrej Nikolaidis, Stevan Tontić, Boštjan Videmšek, Marina Vujčić will bring another perception for the Balkan.

 The experience of writing among two different countries, cultures and languages- Ardian Christian-Kyçyku and Dževad Karahasan Will bring their personal experiences on Sunday, 20 March

The activities of this fair and panels TRADUKI network translated literature authors of Eastern Europe, supported by the network. But not only that: In Leipzig, the authors will be able to collaborate with colleagues, journalists and a German literary critics and could create new knowledge with their colleagues from Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

In the activities and panels of this year at Leipzig Book Fair, TRADUKI will present a large number of recently published literary books from Eastern Europe, translated in different languages. All this publications have been supported by network TRADUKI.

Not only that, but in Leipzig, the authors will have the possibility to meet and collaborate with German colleagues, journalists and literary critics.  Also, they could create new knowledge with their colleagues from Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

At Leipzig Book Fair will participate even Kosovo with the writers Agron Bajrami, Ervina Halili and anthropologist Armanda Kodra-Hysa.