New titles in digital form by the National Library of Albania

National Library of Albania  has published some of the next important historic titles of the Albanian press magazines. Now at Digital Library is edited even : “Minerva”, “Përpjekja shqiptare“, “Agimi“, “Rilindja”, and “Kalendari i vietës”.

The full collection of digital journals are  published on the official website of the National Library (, in the section “Periodicals” Digital Library by increasing the number of magazines, which can easily be browsed online and downloaded at any electronic equipment such as computers, laptop, book reader, smartphone, tablet, etc.

At  e-Albanica are also includes rare works of National Library of Albania, antiquities, manuscripts, maps and periodicals, of XV-XIX centuries in Albanian language and in other languages, as well as editing digital  editions of the books of Naim Frasher, etc., which can be easily  browsed in electronic format.