Poeteka in Eurozine

The Albanian literary magazine Poeteka from some months is part of the European network magazines Eurozine .  Eurozine is a network of European cultural magazines in which participate more than 80 magazines and institutions from different European countriesThe rubric Eurozine Review, every two weeks, selects and publishes current issues that have already been published by the journals that are part of Eurozine network.


This time  the Eurozine Review   has selected from Poeteka three authors who recalls  the  life in communist Albania,  Ethem  Haxhiademi, Ylljet Aliçka and Arian Leka. The selected pieces will be translated into other languages from the partners of the network.

Besides Poeteka, Eurozine Review  has selected publication form different Europian literary magazine  such as Esprit ( France),  Merkur ( Germany ),  Czas Kultury (Poland), La Revue nouvelle  (Belgium ),Vagant (Norway) and  Kultura liberalna  (Poland).