Albanian Litterature Awards Winners

12 December 2015

On Saturday  evening at the Ministry of Culture it was held the ceremony of  National Literature Awards. The prize of The Best Literary Book  of 2014 was awarded to the author Virion Graci for the novel ‘Stina e hijeve’. While the prize of The Best Translated Book of  2014 it was awarded to Romeo Çollaku for the translation from French into Albanian of  Paul Claudel with the collection of poetry  ‘Poezi’.

stina-e-hijeveBest Literary Book of 2014: Virion Graci  –  ‘Stina e hijeve’

Title: Stina e Hijeve
Author: Virion Graci
Category: Novel
Year: 2014
Publisher: Pika pa Sipërfaqe




claudelBest Translated Book of  2014: Romeo Çollaku – Poezi – Paul Claudel

Title: Poezi
Albanian translator: Romeo Çollaku
Author: Paul Claudel
Category: Poezi
Year: 2014
Publisher: Odeon