National Literature Awards Nominees

10 December 2015

The jury of National Literary Awards for 2014 has published the names of the candidates that have been nominated for the prices The Best Literary Book of the Year and The Best Translated Literary Book of the Year

The jury composed of Mrs. Dhurata Shehri  as the  chairperson of the jury and members Parid Teferiçi, Arta Marku, Edmond Cali  dhe  Jeton Neziraj, it has been available about four  months to review and select the candidates between 1300 titles, as by fiction and from fiction translated, published in 2014.

The awards ceremony will be held on 12 December at 18:00 at the Ministry of Culture.

Titles for both categories located in alphabetical order:


Candidates for the award  ‘The Best Literary Book of the Year’

Histori (e)skatologjike – Arben Dedja

Title: Histori (e)skatologjike
Category: Stories
Author: Arben Dedja
Publisher: Pika pa sipërfaqe
Year: 2014

Poezi e zgjedhur – Ferik Ferra

Title: Poezi e zgjedhur
Category: Poetry
Author: Ferik Ferra
Publisher: Mediaprint
Year: 2014

Stina e hijeve – Virion Graci
Title: Stina e Hijeve
Category: Novel
Author: Virion Graci
Publisher: Pika pa Sipërfaqe
Year: 2014

Vrima – Rita Petro

Title: Vrima
Category: Poetry
Author: Rita Petro
Publisher: Albas
Year: 2014

Kohë për nuse – Lazer Stani

Title: Kohë për nuse
Category: Stories
Author: Lazër Stani
Publisher: Gjergj Fishta
Year: 2014

Candidates for the award ‘The Best Translated Literary Book of the Year’

Poezi – Paul Claudel – Romeo Collaku

Title: Poezi
Category: Poezi
Author: Paul Claudel
Albanian translator: Romeo Çollaku
Publisher: Odeon
Year: 2014

Mobi Dik– Herman Melville – Rudi Erebara

Title: Mobi Dik
Original: Moby – Dick or The Whale
Category: Novel
Author: Herman Melville
Albanian translator: Rudi Erebara
Publisher: Zenit Editions
Year: 2014

Pedro Paramo dhe Rrafshina në flake – Juan Rulfo – Bajram Karabolli

Title: Pedro Paramo, Rrafshina në flakë
Original: Pedro Páramo, El Llano en llamas
Category: Novel
Author: Juan Rulfo
Albanian translator: Bajram Karabolli
Publisher: Pika pa sipërfaqe
Year: 2014

Ferdydurke – Witold Marian Gombrowicz – Edlira Lloha

Title: Ferdydurke
Original: Ferdydurke
Category: Novel
Author: Witold Gombrowicz
Albanian translator: Edlira Lloha
Publisher: Pika pa sipërfaqe
Year: 2014

Ne – Evgenij I. Zamâtin – Agron Tufa

Title: Ne
Original: Mbl
Category: Novel
Author: Jevgenij Zamjatin
Albanian translator: Agron Tufa
Publisher: Zambaku
Year: 2014