See you for a book – The Albanian National Campaign of reading

Knowing the value of books and reading, the Ministry of Culture of Albania is going to organize a reading campaign, including various activities by having various literary characters.

This campaign will be extended on October throughout Albania cooperation with Ministry of Education and Sport, Tirana Municipality, other cultural institutions,  the embassies, University of Tirana, Department of Literary.



Opening Ceremony of  the National Reading Campaign

Place: National Experimental Theater ‘Kujtim Spahivogli’

Date: 02.10.2016 at 12.00

Organized by: Ministry of Culture

Description:  Opening speeches: Minister of Culture, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro Furxhi

Minister of Education and Sport, Mrs. Lindita Nikolla

Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Erion Veliaj

  1. Selected literary pieces by actors dressed up as famous literary characters.
  2. Famous people, politicians, ambassadors, writers, and translators read passages from their prefered novels.
  3. chamber music (20 minutes)


Activity: Little free library

Date: During the month of October

Place: Nationwide

Organized by: Ministry of Culture

Description: a nationwide competition for the person or organization that will create the most beautiful and creative little library. Winners will receive a book bundle of different titles. ‎


Activity: #AlbFotobook”

Date: October-December

Place: Nationwide

Description: a nationwide competition organized by Ministry of Culture. An activity that has in focus the promotion of reading to the new generation. Readers simply will take photos of their books and post them in different social media with hashtag #Fotobook and  #Takohemipërnjëlibër.


Activity: “I  Read”

Date: During the month of October

Place: All schools part of pre-univerisity sistem in Albania

Organized by: Ministry of Culture in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Sports

Description: During the month of October, all schools of pre-univerisy education  system in Albania will organise a reading hour with the partecipation of well known writers and  translators from their area.



Activity: “Found for the libraries of Tirana”

Date: During the month of October

Place: Tirana

Organized by: Ministry of Culture in cooperation with Municipality of Tirana Description: The Ministry of Culture will help to enrich the book funds ‎of the libraries of Tirana ‎purchasing many titles that result in absence.‎


Activity: Characters that read

Date: Each Sunday during October

Place: Tirana

Organized by: Ministry of Culture in cooperation with National Theater

Description: actors dressed up with costumes that represent a specific character chosen from the most ‎famous literary characters ‎will read selected literary pieces.


Activity: Tirana Reads

Date: 29-30.09.2016

Place: National Art Gallery, Reja

Organized by: IDMC  Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture

Description: Tirana Reads 2016! comes as a reading marathon for the second time in the frame of TILF (Tirana Literature Festival).The event starts on the evening of September 29th, preceding the World Translation Day on September 30th.


Activity: Youth Literary Festival “Tirana 2016”

Date: 17.10.2016

Place: Parku Rinia, Tirana

Organized by: TOENA Publishing House

Description: Literary festival that supports the creativity of young poets and writers. Selected poems, prose fiction and essays will be recreated as book trailers, photos,  or as a graphic art.


Activity: “SABBAT” prose and poetry

Date: 21.10.2016

Place: Ministry of Culture

Organized by: Luljeta Lleshanaku and Agron Tufa

Description: the closing ceremony of the training  workshops on art of writing “SABBAT”. Certificates will be forwarded for the winners during the final ceremony.


Activity: “Readers of the future”

Date: 27.09.2016

Place: Friends Book House

Organized by: Dituria Publishing House

Description: press release for the presentation of the project “Readers of the future”, a project that aims to support dissemination of reading habit among the young people


Agolli Week

  • 10.2016 – Exhibitions at the National Library
  • 10.2016 – Speech from Shaban Sinani “Agolli dhe Migjeni”
  • 10.2016 at 11.00 Cinema of AQSHF (The Central State Film Archive) Movie screening and  book discussion about  “Njeriu me top”
  • 10.2016 at 11.00 Cinema of AQSHF (The Central State Film Archive) Movie screening and  book discussion about “Apasionata”.
  • 10.2016 at 11.00 Cinema of AQSHF (The Central State Film Archive) Movie screening and  book discussion about  “I teti në bronz”
  • 10.2016 at 10-11  celebration of Agolli’s birthday  at National Theater



Other Activities

Different activities that encourage  reading for  all ages will be organized during this month by Regional Directorates of National Culture, Libraries and Municipalities of various cities as:

  • activities focused on reading on orphanage,
  • on asylums for the elderly,
  • on different  institutions of pre-university education,
  • promotion of literary publications,
  • creative writing competitions among young ages.

Also, the activities continue with open readings and other similar activities on monumental and architectural sites throughout the whole country.