Tirana in Between – Bogomil Gjuzel

The writer BOGOMIL GJYZEL from Macedonia . is the writer in residence in Tirana during the month of Jun2016, to take part in the cultural life of the Albanian capital.

Gjuzel Bogomil is a poet, prose writer, essayist, dramaturge and translator.
He was  born in 1939 in Shaçak, Serbia. In 1963 he graduated in English from at the University of Skopje and exceed one academic year at the University of Edinburgh. He worked as dramaturge  at theater of Dramski in Skopje in 1966-1971 and 1985-1998. He participated in the International Writing Program in Iowa, USA and others festivals like :Rotterdam (1978 & 1996), San Francisco (1980), Herleen’s (1991) and Maastricht and Valencia (2000).

The writers in residence program Tirana in Between was founded in 2013. It is organized by Poeteka with the support of TRADUKI and of the Albanian Ministry of Culture.