Tirana in Between – Ervina Halili

In April 2016 the organizers of the writers in residence program Tirana in Between welcomed the poet Ervina Halili.

Ervina Halili (Pristina), is a poet, essayist and cultural trends researcher. She studied  Comparative Literature at the University of Vilnius to complete her research, on Automatisms Surrealism in literature by Martin Camaj, of the University of Pristina.

Since 2012 she has been looking to connect literature to other media and arts.

In 2012 she was resident writer in Vienna and performed at the National Theatre in Vienna. And in 2014 she was a guest writer of the Pen Centre in Sarajevo, and the Crocodile in  Belgrade and in 2016 at the Graz International writers home.

 She is also active in socio-cultural discussions in Europe and the Balkans and she is part of the European network of experimental writers.

She was awarded the prize “Ali Podrimja” for best poetry book “amulets” published in 2015.

 This year her book ” Gjumi i Oktopodit ”  was published in Vienna in German by Edition Korrespodencen.

 The writers in residence program Tirana in Between is organized by Poeteka  and the association  by Albanian Ministry of Culture with TRADUKI